The AIMTSM is built to function like a ship. The main building hosts offices, Mess room as well as galley on the first floor. The ground floor host trainee's floor hosts trainee's dormitories, Seamanship workshop, power generator, water tanks and laundry rooms etc.


Boarding and Lodging:
Being a fully residential programmed, hostel facilities for the candidates consists of well designed and hygienic modern amenities. Mattresses, pillows, bed sheets and pillow covers are supplies to each candidate on the date of                                    
joining for their use during the training.


Uniform :
We provide uniforms to each trainee seamen, which is to be worn at all times during training.


Classrooms and Teaching Aids :
The classrooms are equipped with writing boards and all Practical equipments.
Study Material :
The College provides each trainee with a set of textbooks and training material which becomes the property of the trainee on completion of training period.
Library ::
The Institute is equipped with excellent library facility like latest books which trainees can utilize. The library has a wide variety of books and publications in publications of marine and general interest.


Swimming Classes::
A swimming classes is provided to the trainees.


Parades And Physical Training ::
We provide uniforms to each trainee seamen, which is to be worn at all times during training.


Food served is of mixed cuisine to help candidates to get accustomed to various types of food preparations. The diet is balanced and the food is wholesome.


Medical Facilities ::
We have a well- equipped dispensary with all facilities. We also have a service of doctors available on a single call.The College has an in house dispensary with a doctor available on call. The dispensary is equipped with stock of various medicines, bandages etc, first aid kit, emergency resuscitation equipment, etc for emergency use. The Doctors conduct timely medical inspection of trainees and provide anti-tetanus injections to the trainees.