Words By Our Director


It has been the matter of concern for parents and Guardians that which Institution their ward should enter after his/her school. Every parent intend to send his/her ward in the best course that would make them eligible to choose the best career from the list of excellent options they have. 


Pre-Sea training for merchant navy is a new dimension in the field of job oriented professional courses. People from all walks of life have been benefited from these courses.


The Career at Sea calls you, I am confident that who dare deserve a win. Prepare yourself for attainment of Success overcoming your drawbacks and dwelling on your assets and positive points and attain the Success. A strong will power and aspirant to achieve should be your aim and thereby you shall enjoy the charming life at sea.


One's attitude determines one's future the way you like. Remember the great saying of great saint Swami Vivekananda "Arise! Awake! And stop not till the goal is achieved".


Face the challenge and the success shall be yours. The moment you decide to achieve the goal, the half the job is done, rest you have to walk upto & take it with grace.


We further mention that we have the vast experience in training the aspirant candidates in all trades essential for merchant navy career from Cadet & GP to Officer. The undersigned also has more than five years of management experience in the field.